Get Involved

Birchwood Camp is a non-profit organization. We receive support from a wide variety of individuals, churches, organizations and businesses all over the country. We rely on this support to be able to provide outstanding camp programs and facilities and in order to continue our ministry of hospitality to all those groups that use our camp.

To support Birchwood Camp means many things. We know people have different talents, desires, and ability to give or serve. That is why we ask people to offer their PRAYERS, PRESENCE, GIFTS, SERVICE, and WITNESS in whatever way they can.

  • Outdoor Chapel in late Fall.We ask to be continually included on your prayer list. Pray for our staff, our campers, our Board of Directors, our volunteers, and our many supporters.
  •  We hope you will grace us with your presence— we want your kids to come to camp. Our camp programs are at the heart of what we do. Think about who you could invite to camp this summer.
  • We have lots of opportunities to serve. Our summer programs are almost entirely staffed by volunteers. We also need workers for our new building project. See our Volunteer Page for ways you can be in service.
  • Be a witness. If you’ve had great experience at Birchwood Camp, tell people about it! If you have a special story about your time at Birchwood, please share it with us.