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Update: May 3, 2016 the new Camp Director is Announced! Read about it here.

November 9, 2015

The Birchwood Camp Board of Directors is sad to announce the resignation of Marie Sweezey, Camp Director, and Stephen Sweezey, Program Manager/ Camp Manager, effective at the end of the summer camping season 2016. The Sweezeys will return to the Lower Forty-Eight to be closer to family. “Marie and Stephen will be greatly missed at Birchwood Camp and throughout the community,” said Nora Ortiz Fredrick, Birchwood Camp Board President.

Over the past six and a half years, Marie has brought significant positive changes to Birchwood camps, collaborative relationships, finances and facility management. Marie has done an outstanding job working with the many campers, families, organizations and private groups that come to Birchwood Camp to build community on common ground. Stephen’s leadership has deepened the reach that Birchwood Camp has on the lives and spirituality of campers and guest groups. His commitment to innovative programs and activities means many people cherish their Birchwood Camp experience.

“We both love the community, mission and ministry of Birchwood Camp,” said the Sweezeys in a joint letter to the Board, “and we feel honored to have had the opportunity to lead this wonderful organization. However, we feel that is the right time for us to transition out of leadership at Birchwood.”

The Board of Directors will begin a nation-wide search to recruit qualified leaders to continue the important ministry work of Birchwood Camp. Information about open positions is available on the Job Opportunities page.

For more information on the leadership transition, contact Nora Ortiz Fredrick.

Send a message to Marie Sweezey. Send a message to Stephen Sweezey.

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