Camper Goals & Outcomes

1.  To have opportunities for self-discovery.

a)    Campers will be guided to understand themselves as loved and gifted children of God. We plan to accomplish this by training and encouraging staff to appreciate each camper and by providing meaningful & relevant worship experiences. Campers will be encouraged to express feelings of personal acceptance and will feel comfortable being themselves at camp.Campers will identify the unique experiences of worship at camp and will be challenged to have a wider perspective of their faith.

b) Campers will have the opportunity to learn with head, hands, and heart through experiential learning. We plan to accomplish this through an active small group program and crafts, games, and nature activities.
Campers will experience different and creative ways to learn. Campers will identify activities & experiences that they tried at camp.

2. To experience communion with God through Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

a) Campers will be encouraged to grow towards a more abundant & joyful life in Christ. We plan to accomplish this through Bible study and worship experiences and the opportunity to have fun in a Christian environment. Campers will identify experiences of spiritual growth and deepening relationships. Campers will become more loving, caring and open to other people.

b) Campers will be challenged to be in ministry and to be more Christ-like.
We plan to accomplish this through service projects and the small group program. Campers will learn to serve others and make independent choices to serve and help others.

3. To live in Christian community.

a) Campers will have the opportunity to experience the trust and intimacy of small group life. We plan to accomplish this through sharing and devotional times in cabin and small groups. Campers will: learn to include others; make new friends; express feelings of acceptance as part of the larger camp community.

b) Campers will work cooperatively on at least two tasks during camp
We plan to accomplish this through Kitchen Patrol (KP), stewardship activities, games, small groups, and program leadership. Campers will learn to pitch in & take ownership of shared spaces, and they will view themselves not just as an important individual but as part of the group.

4. To understand themselves as an interdependent part of God’s world.

a) Campers will be encouraged to explore their natural curiosity & reverence for the natural world and it’s Creator. We plan to accomplish this through training staff to recognize teaching moments & structured nature activities

a) Campers will spend time outdoors and will learn about stewardship & earth care.

b)    Campers will be introduced to ways to be better stewards of God’s creation. We plan to accomplish this through understanding the expectations of living in this environment and service projects. Campers will express ownership and demonstrate care toward nature.