Challenge Course

Birchwood Camp offers dynamic experiential learning and team building experiences on our low-ropes Challenge Course.

Our Challenge Course experiences are designed to:
  • Break down boundaries
  • Challenge participants to think creatively and collaboratively
  • Foster cooperation and trust within a group
  • Enhance communication and problem solving skills
  • Explore team dynamics and improve team-work
  • Explore reactions to challenges and perceived failures within a controlled & safe environment
  • Build community and allow for fun bonding experiences
  • Get your group outside together
More information about our Challenge Course program:
  • Participants are lead through team building initiatives and low challenge elements by one of Birchwood Camp’s trained challenge course facilitators. Facilitators provide leadership and debriefing throughout the experience and help ensure the safety of participants. Our facilitators are trained according to national standards and certified in first aid; we follow American Camp Association accreditation standards for our challenge course program.
  • Both youth and adult groups can enjoy the low impact challenge elements. Elements are all below 6 feet and an average healthy individual should have no problem completing the elements.
  • Challenge Course sessions can be tailored to focus on a theme or issue depending on the goals of your group; when you schedule a challenge course session we discuss your group’s goals and particular needs.
  • The challenge course is open all year, and we run sessions in sun, rain, or snow (as long as conditions are safe for outside activity), so be sure to dress for the weather.
  • Groups of 15 or more will be divided into smaller groups for a portion of the challenge course experience.
  • Participants should be at least 12 years old to participate in the challenge course; we offer team-building games and initiatives outside the challenge course for younger groups.

Consider taking advantage of one of our offerings below for your organization, sports team, youth group, school group, leadership team, staff retreat, leadership development program or business. Contact the camp office using the form below to schedule your challenge course session or to discuss the right experience for your group!

NOTE: We generally require participants to be at least 12 years old. Regardless of age, all participants must fill out our Challenge Course Release Form.

Half Day Challenge Course

Select from a morning session (approx. 8 am-Noon) or afternoon session (approx. 1 pm -5 pm) to best fit your scheduling needs. A break is provided in the middle of the session. Minimum 6 participants. Maximum 60 participants.

Full Day Challenge Course

Full day sessions usually run 9 am-4 pm with a one hour lunch break (timing is flexible). Groups can bring their own sack lunch to eat during the one hour lunch break. The full day format allows groups to progress further into the team building initiatives and low ropes challenges, thus increasing the benefits of participating in the Challenge Course. Minimum 6 participants. Maximum 60 participants.

Full Day Challenge Course & Lunch

This is the same program as above, but delicious homemade boxed lunch is provided during the one hour lunch break.  Minimum 6 participants. Maximum 60 participants. 

Team Building Activities

Our facilitators are available to lead team-building activities and initiatives that do not take place on the challenge course. This is also an option for younger groups that do not meet the age requirement for the challenge course. These sessions are scheduled by the hour and can be held at our site or we can come to you. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Contact Us

Please use the form below, or email or call us at 907-688-2734 with any specialty program questions or to arrange a tour. Our staff will work with you to create the perfect program to fit the needs of your group!

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