'Veteran' volunteers Judy & Al

‘Veteran’ volunteers Judy & Al

Birchwood Camp would not exist without the dedication of numerous volunteers! Whether you live in Alaska or another state, if you like to work with children or hammer nails, there is a place for you to be in ministry at Birchwood Camp.

Birchwood Camp is an equal opportunity employer and its programs & volunteer opportunities are open to everyone.


Volunteers in Mission

Birchwood Camp enjoys the support of individual volunteers and Volunteer in Mission (VIM) teams as an important part of its ministry.


Individuals who volunteer are usually a part of our summer camp season. They may be cooks, nurses, and maintenance volunteers. Others have assisted with maintenance at other times of the year or served as counselors for one or two of our camps. If you are interested in volunteering, submit a Volunteer Application.


Volunteer in Mission (VIM) Teams usually come in the summer for one or two weeks. Teams help out with general maintenance tasks and construction projects. If you are interested in bringing a VIM team to Birchwood Camp, please check out our Volunteer in Mission Team Information Packet

Local Volunteers

We rely on the service of many local volunteers to fill the following positions, especially in the summer. Consider dedicating a few days out of your summer to one of these rewarding roles:


Deans are the lead coordinators for each camp. They help recruit counselors, plan and coordinate the program, and supervise the camp week.

Campers hanging out with their counselor at the campfire

Campers hanging out with their counselor at the campfire


Counselors lead small group activities, sleep in the cabins with the campers, and guide campers through the camp program, which lasts 3 to 7 days. Check out our counselor information page to see how you can be involved!

Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities

Host(s) are responsible for furthering the mission of the camp through the hosting of guest groups and campers.  Our Host(s) are quite literally some of the most visible faces of our agency, helping visitors to feel welcome, answering their questions and orienting them to the facilities and grounds.  The Host provides guest groups and campers with individual attention for check-in, welcome and safety orientation, communicates activities that are safe, fun, and appropriate for the camper age range and abilities; and check-out. In addition, assists in the development and delivery of the overall camp operation.  Qualified candidates would have excellent hospitality skills, able to ensure that our guests feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.  Basic computer skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office programs is preferred.  This volunteer position also requires ability to handle cash or payment methods and record deposits accurately.  Related experience or maintenance experience preferred.  On-site housing may be available, and an ideal candidate would be available a minimum of one 72 (+/-) hour period per month; more preferred. Click here for more detailed information.


Resource People serve just a few hours to share a particular skill or gift with the camp community, such as storytelling, leading nature hikes or videotaping camp activities.


The Board of Directors is composed of 15 pastors and laypersons who serve one to three-year terms. They volunteer a few hours each month for meetings and other tasks to shape camp policies and oversee camp facilities and programs.


Join the Birchwood Volunteer Club, a cohort of volunteers with various skills that help with maintenance and upkeep projects around camp. The group is very informal; members help during monthly work days as they are available. We almost always need carpenters, electricians, plumbers, snow plowers, firewood choppers and willing workers! Email our camp manager to be added to this group. Click here for dates.

To find out more about these opportunities please call, write, or e-mail us. Or, go ahead and start an application to volunteer at Birchwood (Click here).

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