Pick. Click. Give. to Birchwood Camp – deadline to file for your PFD approaching!

March 31 marks the deadline to file for your PFD for all you procrastinators that also happen to be Alaska residents. Please remember to Pick Click and Give to Birchwood Camp when you file for your PFD — it’s very easy — just search “Birchwood Camp” when you get to that part of the application.

If you’ve already made a contribution or didn’t make a gift when you originally applied, you can add or change your gifts through August. Simply go to the state PFD division website and select “Add or Change Charitable pledges.”

A big thank you to all the people who have given to Birchwood Camp during our first year as part of the program! Our goal was to have contributions of at least $1000 this year and we are already have gifts totaling $1350! Lets make it to $1500!!

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